SQL Server Patching Lifecycle Automation

US-PST Wednesday, Dec 9, 2015 11:00AM / AU-AEST Wednesday, Dec 9, 2015 03:00PM

Please join us and learn how the RockSolid automation platform helps to manage the SQL Server patching lifecycle. From patch selection through to targeting, scheduling and implementation. RockSolid can be used to automate any pre-patching activities, deliver the patch and undertake any rollback activities if a patching process fails. This process is designed to support hundreds or even thousands of SQL Server instances.

SQL Server Patching RockSolid Automation

If you have a large SQL Server environment, management of patching is no doubt a major time and cost investment. Microsoft typically releases a several patches for each version of SQL Server a year. Multiply that by the number of instances within your environment, you could have hundreds or thousands of patching activities per year.

Come join us and learn how you can use the RockSolid automation platform to manage the patching lifecycle, from patch selection through to targeting relevant instances and scheduling implementation. Once scheduled, RockSolid automates any pre-patching activities, delivers the patch and, if required, undertakes any rollback activities if failures are detected.

This RockSolid Webcast will cover the challenges of managing the patching lifecycle at scale and how RockSolid can address this, some live demos of patching SQL Server systems and a Q&A session to conclude.

You should attend this if you are responsible or involved in the ongoing operational management of your Microsoft database environment.

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This event will be streamed live over WebEx. Please use the link to register.


Tony Bain

Tony is Director of RockSolid SQL and a respected industry professional with over 16 years delivering services and solutions focused on the Microsoft SQL Server database platform. Tony has published 6 books on SQL Server and has been a speaker at other technology events, such as TechEd.

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