RockSolid Automation Platform

Policy Driven Management

RockSolid’s policy framework defines how operational management is undertaken within your environment. RockSolid enforces policy definitions, automates required changes to resolve non-compliance and deploys maintenance processes directly from defined policy standards.

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Structured Policy Hierarchy

RockSolid’s structured policy hierarchy allows operational management standards to be defined in a top down approach. Global standards can be established with exceptions being managed at lower site, group, instance and database levels.

All Aspects of Operational Management

RockSolid’s policy framework allows all areas of operational database management to be defined. This includes environment configuration, backup and recovery requirements, and maintenance requirements through security, patching, automated resolution and provisioning standards.

Continuous Environment Health Audit

Once defined, your entire environment is validated against your operational standards continuously. Policy violations are raised within minutes of occurrence, with all policy violations resolvable via automated or manual resolution workflows.

Environment Stabilisation

Experience has shown us that standardisation through the use of RockSolid policies brings stabilisation to environments under management. Significantly reduce incidents, data loss, risk exposure and performance related issues.



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