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One of the more common operational support requests relating to database environments is the request to restore a development environment from a production copy. This may be so developers can update their code while utilising the production data, or so application owners can try and replicate an issue in an environment outside of the production database. Regardless of the reasons, many larger organisations will receive hundreds of these requests each year.

RockSolid allows the operational DBA team to control, but remove themselves from the delivery of such requests under normal circumstances. Instead the process for performing the restoration can be pre-defined by the DBA team as a resolution process, then published via a RockSolid form. Access to this form can then be delegated to authorised users, who can then invoke the resolution path in real time, on demand.

An example of a QA/Dev restore automation process may be as follows:

  • An authorised user logs into RockSolid and accesses the forms library, and makes a request to restore the development CRM database from a production copy.
  • This raises a service ticket within RockSolid which is bound to the appropriate resolution process.
  • As part of the resolution process, RockSolid may email the application owner requesting approval to restore the development CRM database
  • If approval is granted, then the resolution process may validate there is a valid production backup available that meets the requesting users’ requirements.
  • An email may be sent to the CRM development team informing them that the development database is going to be restored within 5 minutes and to exit their database connections.
  • After which, a backup of the existing development CRM database may be initiated for rollback purposes.
  • After the backup and 5 minutes has passed, all remaining connections to the development CRM database are terminated
  • The database restoration takes place.
  • A data privacy task runs which obfuscates PCI data and customer names/addresses for testing development purposes.
  • Access and necessary permissions are granted to the CRM development team.
  • An email is sent to the CRM development team informing them the restore is completed.

The process used within your environment is completely customisable, and may differ from the example provided. In addition, instead of using RockSolid published forms workflow executions may be initiated via the RockSolid API or via the RockSolid command line executable.


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