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Most organisations have a requirement to undertake regular database restores as part of their compliance processes. Usually this process is largely manual and time consuming, and given the size of some enterprise environments, undertaking regular database restores for all production databases is impractical. RockSolid resolves this through restore test automation.

Using a combination of RockSolid policy to specify the restore test frequency, and RockSolid automation, sites can completely automate the process of undertaking test restores removing DBAs resources from the process under normal circumstances. An example of a test restore process could be as follows:

  • RockSolid raises a service ticket for a production database due for test restore
  • The service ticket is tied to an automation process which automatically commences
  • Within the automation workflow, the placement task is used to identify the most appropriate host to undertake the restore, from a pre-defined group of SQL Server instances
  • The test restore is either undertaken in real time for dedicated test restore hosts, or is scheduled for an appropriate time
  • The restore takes place. Following the test restore a list of all objects and a count of table rows is performed by RockSolid and retained within the RockSolid repository
  • A database DBCC check may be undertaken
  • Once confirmed as a valid restore, the record of the test restore is kept within the RockSolid repository for future reporting purposes and the test database is dropped.

Example Test Restore Workflow

This automation of a key compliance process which is currently time consuming and difficult to implement has the following benefits:

  • 100% removal of operation resource from the process, under normal circumstances
  • Ability to increase test restore frequency as dependency only depends on availability of system resources
  • Compliance with restore policy is tracked by RockSolid allowing reports and compliance dashboards to be created
  • Any failure of the test restore process can generate a high severity operational DBA request for investigation


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