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On demand deployment and internal Database as a Service

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RockSolid Automation can be applied to the task of SQL Server provisioning within an enterprise environment. Examples of types of entity that can be provisioned via automation includes:

  • OSE environments (VMWare and HyperV)
  • SQL Server Instances
  • SQL Server Databases
  • Other various SQL Server objects and jobs

Provisioning workflows can be created which execute automatically, or include various levels of approvals or manually executed workflows depending on environment or requirement. The benefits of provisioning via RockSolid include:

  • Agility. Near-real time deployment of hosts and instances in response to approved business needs. Provisioning requests go from days or weeks to minutes.
  • Consistency. By default all provisioned entities inherit their relevant operational standards from existing policy definitions.
  • Internal cloud. The on-demand nature of RockSolid automation when used for provisioning is part of the RockSolid capability which helps to enable internal cloud or hybrid cloud functions within enterprise organisations.

By granting self-service access to authorised users, these users can request to provision without necessarily requiring operational resources to deliver. However as all operational standards are automatically implemented, the operational management team still retains control over this process ensuring all automatically provisioned environments are built in the required manner.

Effective use of Shared Servers

RockSolid includes sophisticated placement logic which can select the most appropriate placement of a database being provisioned, across groups of existing resources. Using the parameters provided as part of the provisioning request, such as version, capacity and workload requirements, RockSolid can automatically select the most appropriate host for database placement.

If no suitable host exists then workflow can divert into a provisioning workflow to allocate new resources. This capability provides organisations assurance that they are not underutilising existing resources, and are not over provisioning expensive host and database platform licenses. This may bring a significant decrease in licensing costs over time and reduce the need for expensive, ongoing consolidation projects.

Placement workflow


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